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Cushionwood Chips For Playground Surfacing

Here at Willow Creek Farm, we take your safe recreation seriously. Part of our commitment means that we offer a quality cushionwood product for playground surfacing. Our product is certified to exceed CPSC guidelines tested to ASTM F1292.
Visit our wood recycling facility at 5701 Upper Mountain Road, Lockport, NY. We are open from 7am to 3pm Monday through Friday.


Protective Surfaces Under Playground Equipment:
If you are planning to build a playground, large or small, installing impact-absorbing surface material under the equipment is a recognized way of reducing the seriousness of injuries from a fall.
70% of Playground injuries result from falls off of equipment onto unforgiving surfaces. How you handle surfacing is very important to your children’s safety, and reflects on your risk management efforts.
Lawns are not safe surfacesbecause they become compacted and lose their cushioning properties. A child is twice as likely to suffer fractures and head injuries from falling on the lawn than from falling onto cushionwood chips.
The National Safety Council and the Consumer Product Safety Commission both recommend a minimum of 12 inches of wood chips to absorb shock from an 11 foot fall. Cushionwood chips meet both the safety guidlines set by the CPSC and the ADA requirements for accessibility.


Legislation to mandate performance & accessibility standards in playground surfaces has passed in California and is pending in other states. Over the next few years, playgrounds with surfaces that do not absorb impact or that are not wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly may have to be replaced or closed.
Protecting our kids when they are at play is a real concern for all of us. Cushionwood chips are an economical and effective way to have peace of mind.