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Welcome to Willow Creek Farm, over 300 acres in north Clarence, NY, owned and operated since 1980 by the Hedges family. Our horse boarding stable has grown and thrived, and spun off into hay production and sales, and a wood recycling business. Three generations take great pride in all we do here!

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Discover all that we have to provide, from boarding to riding lessons to summer camps, we craft each service at Willow Creek Farm to make your trip memorable.

Established in 1980

Our Journey

Willow Creek Farm is a working family farm which offers horse boarding, riding lessons, home grown hay for sale, cushionwood chips for playgrounds, animal bedding, waste wood removal & recycling.

Our work is a labor of love and spans three generations of the Hedges family. We would be delighted if you would come to call. Our doors are always open!

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Reviews From Our Customers

Stories from our community who’ve experienced the Willow Creek Farm difference.

“There are neighbors, then there is community. Willow Creek Farm is the best of community! I recently fell off my horse, fracturing my pelvis and right wrist. Carrie Hedges and her wonderful crew really stepped up to volunteer their services to take loving care of our horses. Bryan and I cannot ask for better neighbors and friends. Thank you so much for helping us in this stressful time!”
Mari M.
“I was lucky to chaperon my daughter's girl scout troop here. It was a great learning opportunity for the girls. The ladies here were fantastic with the troop. They started by explaining what it was like to take care of a horse. They went into detail on many facets, even how a horse will communicate. They also put the girls to work. It was great to see that they didn't get to just ride a horse, but were also able to brush a horse, feed them, as well as clean the stalls. An experience that showed the girls it was not all just about the riding. Top notch trip for the troop.”
Joel C.
“I’ve been riding at Willow Creek Farm ever since I was a little girl. Carrie is absolutely the best person to train with!The atmosphere at the barn is very welcoming and the people are so friendly!”
Kyla R.
“Beautiful farm. Friendly supportive teachers and trainers. Well cared for horses.”
David M.
“We've been doing lessons here for a couple of months now and absolutely love it. The instructors are great and very good at what they do, and the lesson horses are lovely. A wonderful barn with a family atmosphere.”
Laura W.
“Amazing place. Beautifully maintained. Very nice horses.”
Cindy S.